Maryland Sorority Move is a campaign to show pride in being a sorority woman on UMD’s campus and to combat the negative stereotypes that social networks and the media have created about sorority women.giphy (1).gif

Too often these women are seen as being the less intelligent women on campus whose membership in a sorority consists of partying, hazing, bashing, and “insincere” friendships.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially here on UMD’s campus.

Wearing Greek Letters on UMD’s campus holds so much meaning to the women who represent these organizations and #MSM is a way to show that we are deserving of the respect and honor that our sisters have worked so hard to establish. Sorority women of UMD know that being in a sorority is about leading a life of value, sisterhood, scholarship and service. Through this campaign we want to rid our campus of the outdated stereotypes that still surround our organizations. We want to let everyone know what wonderful things these women are doing for themselves, for others, and for their campus.

Help by joining the campaign and submit one-liners and photos that highlight any of the positive values of a Maryland sorority women by hashtagging #MSM and tagging @MDSororityMove on twitter!


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